Kiloware 剪伩封连纸邮票

Mixture of postally used stamps on paper from mail clippings, for those who enjoy soaking, sorting, swapping, looking for variations, filling gaps …

剪下伩封上的邮票, 以重量或者特定数量交易. 我们的存货,多数来自商务辦公室和慈善机构, 每份是 0.2公斤 或者大约500张邮票.

Our kiloware are mainly from mails receive in Singapore, mixture of collection from offices & charity organisations. Unless otherwise stated, each lot contains either

200gm or 500 stamps

Please take note that there are mixed and packed without sorting, come with duplicates. 特别在此提醒,因为未经处理或挑选,所以必然有重复的邮票。请参阅说明后才选购。


#KSE1 Recent accumulation. Mainly local rate definitives, only few greeting issues and commems. Limited varieties thus plenty of duplicates.近期收到,内地邮件,种类不多,重复多多。 S$12

Recent accumulation. Mainly local rate denominations with various definitive and few greeting issues and commems. Also plenty of duplicates. 近期進货,有少许纪念票。种类不多,所以重复也多。


From >30 years of office / charity accumulation.  Good mixture with various definitives issues and commems. Some good/higher values observed.



Commemoratives/Greeting issues only. Very good mixture of last 25 years. Majority local rate denominations.

25年來的积累,全是纪念票和特种票, 但多是低面值。

ASEAN 亞西安(东盟国家 )

Accumulation from mails received in Singapore, Mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, VN, with a few Brunei, Thailand, Philippines & others. Very good mixture with commems & high values observed.



INDONESIA accumulating since 1970s, from mails received in Singapore, thus plenty of higher denominations. Definitives & commems.



MALAYSIA office / charity accumulation. Good mixture from last 50 years. Mostly low value of various states definitives. Some commems with few higher values observed.



THAILAND commemoratives only, Good mixture. Majority lower denominations.



WORLDWIDE  Good mixture with stamps from >50 countries.  Many large & commems.  Some higher values observed.



NB Prices in Singapore Dollars. Cost of delivery is additional.

价格以新加坡元为单位, 寄费另计。

Wholesale available.  P.O.R.  


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